Thursday, September 15, 2011

$25 Apthoica Giveaway ENDING SOON!

The $25 Apthoica Giveaway is ENDING IN 4 DAYS!



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Editor's Pick of the Day on BLOGGERS.COM :)

Hi guys!
I just wanted to share, how exciting it is to be one of The Editor's Pick of the Day on!

I have been busy all day! I haven't been home all day. Shuavij and I went to meet with the wedding coordinator for our wedding, and did some food tasting, which btw I'm very pleased with :) 
Anyways, I didn't see until now when I checked my email and had a whole bunch of friend request and comment notifications from I was thinking, "that's strange.. I never receive this much notifications at once.,"
I logged in to find comments congratulating me. I totally missed out, it's almost 10PM here and the day is almost over :( features all blogs from all sorts of networks and it's such an honor to be featured so unexpectedly, because compared to other blogs I've seen and read, mine is really nothing, but
I just want to say thank you so much for your support, votes, followers, and especially readers! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dariya Hair Magic Sheet for Forelock

So after seeing this product online, and reading some reviews on it, I decided to order my own, and it came, the Dariya Hair Magic Sheet for Forelocks. It's very useful, especially when doing your make up, you don't have to clip or tie you hair back. Simply pull the hair in your face back, and take a magic sheet to hold it down. It's basically like velcro. My husband saw it and he was like, "oh my gosh, you could have just told me, I can totally make that for you! Just take some velcro and make sure it's pink." lol
This is shipped from overseas (Hong Kong). There is a variety of websites you can order them from but I ordered mine from ebay. I felt the price was cheaper and shipping cost less.
*Don't mind my pictures by the way, I'm feeling a little sick. Coming down with the flu or something, my nose is gettin' stuffy and my throat hurts, and this morning I woke up with a bit of mucus (i know, gross). Pray for me! :) Not sick enough to not blog so thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In search of the perfect Veil

Yes I know I have wedding fever! (thankful I'm not bridezilla lol)
I had taken in my wedding dress for alteration this past weekend and it is expensive! It was pricier than I had thought. On the same day, I tried on a whole bunch of veils, from different styles to different lengths, hair clips and feathers. You have to get a veil that compliments your wedding dress, and your hair on that day too. Oh and btw, I happened to see a beautiful Vera Wang dress I absolutely loved! But man, I was in there for an alteration on my wedding dress already, how wrong it would of been if I bought a new dress, or even tried it on!

So anyways, with the help of my maid of honor, and the nice lady who did my alteration, I did find a veil I like :) I had my dress on so I was able to see which looked good and which ones didn't. I didn't know what they were called but apparently it is "Birdcage Veil". I would of said something like "fishnet veil" lol

I know it should cover my head but I couldn't clip it in correctly, hopefully my hair stylish will get it right  on my wedding day! :)
I like this one, especially with the rhinestones on it. Most comes with the flower/feather clip attached to the veil, but I want mine to be separate so I can take the veil off after the ceremony but leave the clip in during my reception. I tried it on with some flower and feather clips, but I didn't see one I really liked, so I'm going to search elsewhere for that.

Make up: 
Clarins foundation in Honey (110)
Too Faced anti-crease eye shadow primer
Almay 401 smoky-i for browns
Bonnebell precise liner in Basic Black
Maybelline great lash mascara in Blackish Black
Urbay Decay bronzer in Gilded
NYX  soft matte lip cream in Addis Ababa

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Invitations

Finally settling into the new place. I had to get going on our wedding invitations, of course I'm not really complaining, I enjoy this kind of stuff. Yesterday Shuavij was laughing at me because I chose to type our guest list on the computer even though it was handwritten on paper already. lol, like I said, I enjoy this kind of stuff :) Our wedding is in two months! Every time I think about it, makes me nervous, and excited all at the same time! :D
Card paper
Slips in the card to hold your picture
This is the picture we chose
The invitation sheet, it's see-through
After printing our text on the sheet
Take a double-sided square tape
Put half the tape on the invitation sheet and stick onto the card paper, right above the picture
Take a ribbon bow, and stick it right on top of the squared tape
Final Invitation

My messy work station. The room is empty since we just moved in a couple days a ago.