Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Invitations

Finally settling into the new place. I had to get going on our wedding invitations, of course I'm not really complaining, I enjoy this kind of stuff. Yesterday Shuavij was laughing at me because I chose to type our guest list on the computer even though it was handwritten on paper already. lol, like I said, I enjoy this kind of stuff :) Our wedding is in two months! Every time I think about it, makes me nervous, and excited all at the same time! :D
Card paper
Slips in the card to hold your picture
This is the picture we chose
The invitation sheet, it's see-through
After printing our text on the sheet
Take a double-sided square tape
Put half the tape on the invitation sheet and stick onto the card paper, right above the picture
Take a ribbon bow, and stick it right on top of the squared tape
Final Invitation

My messy work station. The room is empty since we just moved in a couple days a ago.


  1. I love these!! they're perfect & you both look great! xoxo

  2. That's so cute and that's such a great way to remember how ppl got invited.

  3. Aww your invitations are darling, I love the way it's put together and very cute picture you both chose :)

  4. love the diy invitation and nice couple shot.