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Hello! I'm Terri. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy reading my daily blogs. My entries are usually fashion or mommy related. I studied Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. I absolutely love to write. I lived in a small town so throughout high school and college, I mainly wrote articles and stories that were news related. I started to lose interest in writing because I wasn't writing about what interests me. When I started this blog, I found myself writing about my own interests, life and fashion. 

I'm 26 years old. I currently reside on the land of 10,000 lakes. I'm married to a wonderful man. 
I've known my husband for a total of... 12 years! (Wow has it really been that long??) 
We met in 2001, we were the best of friends for about four years, dated for six, and married for almost two years.
He's my best friend. I can't even begin to explain the relationship we have. 

It's one of the most amazing things in life. Just when you think you've loved to the point where there possibly can't be more... it's possible! I can't even put into words the love I have for my son. I can just look at him and be mesmerized.
He is truly the best thing ever. Being a parent is not easy, seriously... it's not. It's a full time job! 

Walking with Christ... 
So my life hasn't been the easiest, and I've come to learn a few things along the way.
First, I cannot blame Christ for all the wrongs in my life. Second, I've learned to live by faith and not worry about what tomorrow is going to bring. Lastly, I've come to appreciate and accept the things that I have, and not cry about the things that I don't. I know I'm not perfect, but God loves me. 

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