Monday, February 11, 2013

New addiction: Poshmark!

Ever since I've discovered Poshmark a few weeks ago, I've become so addicted to it!
I constantly find myself on my phone every hour of the day, just browsing away...........

For those who don't know what Poshmark is, you're missing out!
Lol, I'm kidding. Poshmark is an app (FREE) that allows you to sell and/or buy items straight from your iPhone! This app is currently for iPhones only, but I believe they are in the process of making it compatible with androids. 

Anyways, Poshmark is an easy way for you to sell your fashion designer items, whether it's clothes, bags, shoes, or accessories. When one of your items sell, Poshmark deducts 20% from your earnings, so you only make 80% off your item sold. 

I browse EVERYDAY! Not really at anything in particular, but everyone is always posting a new item, or reducing their prices. I've made three purchases so far. Below is one of the items I received today:

My husband thought it'd be funny to have my son help me HAHA
... until he decided to use his mouth!
(don't worry, I stopped him before his mouth actually touched the box)

Total I paid for these four items was $25! That's a pretty good deal. Some of these items were used but they are in great condition. Sellers may sell used or new items, but prices are always reasonable.

*TIP: Some sellers will try to sell replica designer items for a high price and tell you it's authentic! Please do your research so you will know how to spot a fake! If you are unsure, PASS!

If you're new and want to sign up with Poshmark, you can use my code HUVII and earn a $5 credit!


  1. Oooh these nude pumps look sunning!

  2. hi there =) im a new follower.. a blogger and a new mom too =)

  3. I wish we had Poshmark in Canada!
    loving the blue heels :)

    1. Do you have an iPhone? It's a free iPhone app. Poshmark is people like you and myself selling things we don't want anymore right out of our closets! It's so much fun :)
      I think it's just available in the US but they're working on making this an international app :)

      Hopefully soon! *cross fingers

      Xoxo Terri