Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Baby Must-Haves!

I'm definitely one of those mommies that talk constantly about their baby, taking pictures of everything they do etc, but what can I say, being a parent is AWESOME :)

So my husband and I have learned many things thus far, good and bad.. and believe me, we're still learning. You pick up on their cries; if they're tired, hungry, need a change, how he wants to be rocked, picked up etc.. and these are things that we did not know when he was born. You also learn what he likes and don't like. You also learn what you like, and what doesn't really work for you. Here is a list of my baby must-haves:

1. Pampers Swaddlers: I love that these diapers have a wetness indicator so you'll know when he needs a change (the line is yellow when dry and turns blue when wet). Jayden doesn't cry when he wets his diaper so this is helpful because I don't want him to sit in a wet diaper too long, he'll develop a rash! (Price varies by store)

2. Desitin: I absolutely love this diaper rash cream! Jayden doesn't get diaper rashes real often but he does get them from time to time. Some of the times it will be bad that he'll cry, and this cream soothes the rash and by the end of the day, it's gone! I'm amazed by how fast Desitin works! This is the only diaper rash cream I've used so I'm not sure how the other brands work. 

3. Playtex Diaper Genie: You have no idea how convenient the diaper genie is. After you change the baby, you just throw the dirty diaper in. No need to walk outside to throw it away. Throwing a dirty diaper in your regular trash is not a good idea (especially if the baby did a #2) because it will stink up the trash and the smell will fill the room in no time. I personally never did this, but lived with someone who did it and believe me, it's annoying. Even if the diaper was bagged before throwing it in the trash, it will not contain the smell. Which is another great thing about the diaper genie, it's filled with dirty diapers but will not stink up the room :) 

4. Bulb Syringe: I don't know if it's just Jayden or all babies, but he produces a lot of boogers/snot. I'll suck his boogers in the AM and by evening (sometimes around noon) he'll have more! Lol. I know some people say the bulb syringe doesn't really work but I found that if you point it at an angle (inwards) it works just fine. When the booger is within reach I usually use my finger or a Q-tip to pull it out.

5. Boudreaux's Baby Kisses: My baby has dry lips, and he also gets the dry cheeks in the winter; this moisturizer helps keep his skin and lips from getting chapped.  I intially bought it for myself a couple mouths before he was born for my cheeks because I too, get dry spots on my face in the winter. It relieves and soothes the area, and before you know it, it's gone! 
It's recommended for one person use only, but we both use it. I always use a clean finger so there's no contamination. 

6. Sophie the giraffe: Everyone loves Sophie! If you don't know, she's a popular teething toy. I read tons of positive reviews, and I recently just purchased her for Jayden. He loves her. She's made of natural rubber and food paint, soft, easy to grip and squeaks when you press her. 
I went to two different Babies R Us and they were sold out of the original Sophie that comes in a box alone, so I had to purchase the combo where she comes with a plush toy, about $10 more. 

Jayden enjoying Sophie :)

I know there are many great baby products but these are the ones that I love and works for me and Jayden. Please share with me some of your favorite baby products :)

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