Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dariya Hair Magic Sheet for Forelock

So after seeing this product online, and reading some reviews on it, I decided to order my own, and it came, the Dariya Hair Magic Sheet for Forelocks. It's very useful, especially when doing your make up, you don't have to clip or tie you hair back. Simply pull the hair in your face back, and take a magic sheet to hold it down. It's basically like velcro. My husband saw it and he was like, "oh my gosh, you could have just told me, I can totally make that for you! Just take some velcro and make sure it's pink." lol
This is shipped from overseas (Hong Kong). There is a variety of websites you can order them from but I ordered mine from ebay. I felt the price was cheaper and shipping cost less.
*Don't mind my pictures by the way, I'm feeling a little sick. Coming down with the flu or something, my nose is gettin' stuffy and my throat hurts, and this morning I woke up with a bit of mucus (i know, gross). Pray for me! :) Not sick enough to not blog so thanks for reading!

loose hair in the face...
held back with Dariya Hair Magic Sheet

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  1. I've seen these around. I wanna try one LOL. There's something about that's just too cool hahaha.