Friday, March 16, 2012

The perfect little thing: Elle pumps in nude

I was at Kohl's earlier today. I wasn't planning on shopping, I just had to pee really bad, which I didn't get to go because they didn't have a bathroom. What kind of two-level retail store not have a restroom??
I went up to the second floor and came across the shoe section, and we know me, I had to browse.

My eyes caught sight of these nude pumps by Elle and fell in love! They are sooo cute. And they are very very comfortable! They didn't have anymore in my size, luckily I checked the ones on display and what do you know, the odds are in my favor. If you shop at Kohl's, you know they use a metal clip to clip the price tag on the shoe, so one of them has a dent on the side.. it's not too noticeable

The original price is $69.99. I got it on sale for $33.99. Saves $36.00.
My husband always gives me an earful when I buy shoes, but I told him that he can scold me all he wants, I'm too happy I don't care. He can sells all my other shoes. ^__^


  1. with the bow, how to resist! xoxo elle

  2. Those shoes are terrific! I love that they were on sale too!