Tuesday, March 20, 2012

iPhone 4S

So after complications with our cellphone carrier, my husband and I decided to switch to another carrier. We had to pay a cancellation fee but it was definitely worth it. We have much better phones and a much much better deal! We have the unlimited everything plan, and 1500 minutes which are only applied to landline phones, and we don't know many people nowadays that still use landline phones. We also get a 20% discount through Shuavij's employer too ^__^

We have new upgraded phones we love. I chose the iPhone 4S in white. I love the excitement of a new phone. I have an iPod touch 4th generation and I play a lot of games, use the apps etc, and the iPhone is basically the same thing; it shouldn't be that difficult. If I log in with my Apple ID, I can play my game right where I left off on my new iPhone. 

Why did I choose an iPhone when it's so similar to the iPod touch?
Well, first.. the quality is so much better! The screen is brighter and a lot clearer. And the camera quality is GREAT! You can't tell the pictures are taken from a camera phone because the quality is that good.
I have a 3G connection so it is pretty slow. When I'm at home, I connect to our wireless network which runs much faster. 

Here are pictures: I bought a silicon Hello Kitty case for $24.99, I think the baby pink goes well with the white :) 

The phone is basically made of glass so it's highly recommended to get a phone cover. I prefer silicon case vs. hard cover case. When dropped, hard cases are probably going to crack on impact. I really like some of these jeweled cases on www.luxaddiction.com but my husband said "No! #1 Too Expensive. #2 It's not protecting the phone, it's just for fashion."

My husband chose an Android, the Motorola Photon.


  1. yay for the iphone!! ahhhh I hope to get one soon too! my blackberry is not in very good shape. Anyways love your case :) so cute!

  2. I have an upgrade due in a month and I can't decide if I wanna do the iphone. I'm so in love with my android but it does look so neat

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