Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pink JS Flats for this beautiful upcoming weather!

It is such a beautiful day out today! I did not need a coat or a jacket to go out today, just a thin sweater. And no boots, so start getting those sandals and flats ready ladies! :)

I did! I bought a pair of  Jessica Simpson Lepolia flats in Pink for $34.99. I'm not sure what the original price was. The pair I bought didn't have a tag on it, so when I went to ring it up, I had to grab another pair of the same shoe (different size and color) so I didn't see the original price. They are very comfortable.
I love JS. I also ordered a wallet in the color Walnut from ebay. Just waiting for it to arrive :)
These are a perfect for Spring; you can style it up or down, and the crystal gems would give any outfit a bit of sparkle ;) 
What are you shopping for this Spring?


  1. those are sooooo cute! =) Great find.

  2. yay pink! that really pretty bling bling!

    xoxo elle