Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Couponing Deals...

Check out some sweet deals I got couponing :)

(Without Coupons: $31.83)
Charmin 4.29
Soft Soap 2.79/Each
Dawn 1.99/Each
Tide 8.99/Each

(Total With Coupons: $12.88)
Charmin 2.74
Soft Soap 0.59/Each
Dawn 0.49/Each
Tide 3.99/Each
ALL FREE except for my husband's Old Spice body wash $1.97
Total for all $4.36

CVS: Suave deodorant $0.25/Each after coupons
Target: Clean & Clear $0.69/Each after coupons, Johnson's Body Wash $0.99/Each
Walmart: BIC 40 pack pens FREE after coupons


  1. Great job! I wish you lived close to me so I could go with you on your couponing trips cause I have been slacking and haven't been scoring any deals. :(

  2. awesome couponing! i'm trying to get into that too, but i really haven't had the time to do it. wish that i could just have someone do it for me. lol

  3. Oh gosh! Idk how you do it! I get so confused and I can never find any coupons!

    1. I agree with you! I can find the coupons but when it comes to going out and scoring awesome deals..nope. :-/

  4. I would love a couponing buddy! :) yeah it does take time to find deals and clip coupons but it's quite fun at the same time. Coupons inserts are found in the weekend papers. I usually pick up 2-4 Star Tribune and Pioneer Press on Sundays at the gas station. Star tribune is $1.75/each and PP is $1 here. I wish to do more shopping but I hate driving in the winter lol

  5. wow crazy deals!
    I love that Oral-B dental floss, one of my favourites.
    I use the mint flavoured one :p

  6. What a great deal! My SILs are really good at this too! I think there's a pretty active facebook page for "Hmong Couponers"! lol!