Friday, June 21, 2013

Red Velvet

This product comes in two colors, Red Velvet, a really deep bold red, and Suedeberry, which is more of a coral red.
This is the only product I've tried so far from the Lime Crime makeup line. I think these are one of their highly sold products. They were sold out for a while before I was able to get my hands it. It comes in a tube and wand applicator (like lip glosses), and the wand is thin enough that you can apply with precision. It's wet when you first apply to the lips but dries matte. The color is vibrant and very pigmented! I wore it all day today and I'm impressed with it's lasting power. Throughout the day, I was able to eat and drink (sandwich, salad, water and juice), and kiss my husband and son, without the lip stain transferring. However, I think grease might affect that long lasting wear because I had pizza for dinner tonight and the color started to come off. Not entirely, but when I used a napkin to dab my lips, the color transferred a little bit at a time. With that being said, "Don't eat greasy foods!" Lol.
At the end of the night when you're ready to take it off, wiping it away like a lipstick is impossible. It is a lip stain so use makeup remover.
Overall, this is a great product due to it's lasting wear. No need to touch up during the day because that lip color isn't going anywhere (unless you eat something greasy). Right now I'm really into red lips; I love the boldness it gives ^_^
A Velvetine tube is $16.99. You can purchase it from their website: Lime Crime

If you prefer something similar but more affordable and can be purchased in stores, you can also try NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme. I wrote a review on this product almost two years ago, you can read the post HERE.

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