Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tis' the season to be jolly! :)

So my husband kind of spoiled me this year. Lol

He bought me UGG boots for Xmas! I've been wanting a pair for a while too.

They are so soft and warm, but from what I've heard, they aren't waterproof. My best friend has a pair and she said that if you step into a puddle of water or snow, it will soak right through.
BUT I am not willing to test that theory, I still treasure these babies :)

Two days ago, he surprised me with three wrapped gifts! what the..?! Certainly caught me by surprise, I couldn't stop smiling. He told me I could open one of them. I opened the first one, and this is what it was:
The Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV!
It's sooo pretty! The first flap on top has a 3D bufferflies :) I'm impressed and I find it really sweet because I didn't ask for this. Not that I don't love it, I really do! I'm still in Awe. I will do swatches and reviews later, I haven't used it yet.. it's new! I stuck it back in the box after I opened it.

The following day, my husband told me to open another one. So I did and this is the second gift:
This one is by Sephora. I've personally never used makeup from the Sephora Collection before so I'm not sure how great they are. But this set is beautiful! Can't wait to test it out :)

Included in this palette:
*96 Eye Shadow Shades
*84 Lip Glosses
*6 Creamy Eyeliners
*2 Eyeliner Pencils
*3 Blushes
*1 Bronzer
*1 Mascara
*4 Applicators

FOTD and Swatches to come soon! Thanks for reading! Good night bloggers! XOXO

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  1. UGG makes a cleaning and maintenance care kit. It has a waterproof spray in there. I've sprayed my boots once and they still look brand new! I got a Sephora palette last christmas and their shadows are surprisingly pigmented so it's a great kit!

    Love the present picks! Happy holidays =)