Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My 24th Birthday

I just turned 24 yesterday. I'm never really that excited for my birthday, but when that day actually comes, I feel extra special =)
I went out for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with my husband, my brother and a few friends. The Cheesecake Factory has a wide selection of food of different ethnicity, and of course their cheesecakes, YUMMAYYYY! =D

My first Mai-Tai
One of my besties, Ruby Red, she's from Canada ;)
My lovely ladies and I
The guys
My husband's dish, it's called Bang Bang Chicken Curry LOL
My dish, it was called Garlic Noodles and it was delicious! Except I was expecting small pieces of chicken mixed in with the pasta and sauce, but it was like half a chicken cut into threes and thrown on top :| Chef must of gotten lazy LOL
Caribbean Cooler ;)
Ruby got me this palette I have been wanting from Tarte! It's the limited edition of the HBO hit TRUE BLOOD
Happy Birthday to ME ;)
I'll tell you my wish once it comes true ;)
Famously known for their cheesecake, I just had to try a piece. I got the Tiramisu :)
A closer look at my palette! I haven't gotten the chance to try it yet, been really busy packing up , since we have to move out by the end of this month. Will definitely post pictures and review once I use it. I'm excited!

Thanks for reading, Good night! :)


  1. Happy Birthday
    Love True Blood!! Glad you had fun on your birthday <3

    The cheesecake looks sooo delicious~

  2. Happy belated birthday Hun!
    And I absolutely love the cheesecake factory! What your husband order is something I would enjoy! Lol the last time I was there I ordered the gumbo, which was very similar. My mouth is watering now! Lol


  3. Happy belated birthday, looks like you had a wonderful time :) Cant wait to see swatches and the review off that palette, been wanting to get it too :)

    Love Christine ♥

  4. Happy Birthday :D
    its my close friend bday today and our monthsary
    but my dad and nephew bday is sept 12th im also sept lol XD