Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm been so busy that I haven't been posting entries in awhile. I've been pulling a lot of over-time hours at work, and it's made me very tired so I've been laying off the computer. Here is an update.

Yes, I'm going to NC March 31st - April 14th for work. I just realized that I will be in NC when my Giveaway ends (April 8th), so PLEASE PLEASE be patient if I don't get to it right away. I will try and announce the winner, when I'm not busy, but I will not be able to send out the package until I get back, which is only a week later. So excited, I've never been to NC before! 
Thanks for reading! <3 


  1. the blushers are so cute. everyone gets excited when there are hearts. have fun in NC!

  2. I've never seen Autumn Concerto but sounds sad. I know this other drama... it's similar but can't remember the name right now -.- was in Taiwanese with a Korean actress..OH it's called 'Silence' =] the new MAC collection looks really cute, love the colours.

    have fun in North Carolina!
    such a cute dog <3

  3. I love autumn concerto!! nice pick for asian drama, you will not regret it :)
    Vanness Wu looks really handsome in that film..

  4. Cute nail. Im going to try green with concrete! That mac collection is super cute. I want the blushes! Your puppy is cute how do u keep her eyes so white?! Please do tell. :)

  5. The nails are veru cute, I would actually like to do that design on mines. I also like the nail polish colors from mac.

    i hope you can take a look at my blog!

  6. Saw a trailer for Autumn Concerto a while back, and it made me so sad...I do want to watch it though, as it seems like a really beautiful story.