Friday, March 25, 2011

PF Swatch!

Yay it's Friday! Hopefully everyone gets some rest from their long and busy week =)
This is a short post. I just wanted to swatch some colors to these Physician Formula shades that I picked up. 

If you read my earlier posts, I currently love the Physician Formula Shimmer Strips. I got two more, for the price of one! It was buy one get one free. Such a great deal I couldn't let it slip away. The price for one is $9.64. The deal goes until June 2011 so get yours! =)




  1. Thanks for the swatched!!! love the colors they look amazing

  2. Wow you are on a neutral palette roll! I actually like both palettes you got but dang I need to actually use the stuff I have :/

    I love the swatches you posted, looks very pigmented and the colours are so pretty!

  3. love the colors of the eyeshadows. i can't believe there are so many colors in one.

  4. I am so jealous you guys get to go to Target whenever you want! Though i did hear the chain should be opening in Canada soon. Can't wait!

    I've had my eyes on both of those palettes, thanks for swatching them! Will have to pick them up =)

  5. Thanks for letting us know about that deal..I love the colors. I will def have to get some I so love the Phys.Formula. ;)

  6. The eye shadows look really nice, too bad I dont know how to apply those really, but I look forward to seeing them on you!
    Im following, I liked your blog and reviews :)