Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My travel makeup & necessities

As I had mentioned in yesterday's post, we were out of town this past weekend. I wanted to share what makeup and necessities I bring on trips back home to visit my family. These are things I usually pack; I always try to limit myself on what I bring. First, it makes room for other things such as clothes and/or shoes (which I usually pack more than one pair). Second, my husband and I usually like to share a bag/suitcase; it's really a burden carry a lot of bags. Third, I don't like to spend a lot of time upstairs in the bedroom or bathroom pampering myself up for hours when it's suppose to be family time! Plus my family doesn't care about how I look, they're just happy I'm there :)

Physician Formula BB Cream: Instead of carrying more items (that doesn't even fit in my travel makeup bag) such as primer, concealer, and foundation, I brought with me this bb cream by Physician Formula. I recently purchased this and so far I don't hate it. It doesn't provide full on coverage (as most bb creams don't) but it has more coverage than some others I have tried. It hides any red spots I have on my face really well and leaves a nice matte finish. 
Too Faced Insurance Shadow Primer: Because I use eye shadow, I need eyeshadow primer. Don't want eyeshadow to crease; want it to last all day long ^_^
Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Liner: This is my favorite liquid liner. I use it in Brownish Black because it doesn't make my eyes too bold looking since I like more of a natural look. The only flaw about this liner is that it isn't waterproof.
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush: Currently, this is my favorite blush. This is in Blissful, which is a warm peachy color.
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder & Auto Eyebrow Pencil: The cake powder is what I currently use for my brows. I seriously have no brows. In my early teens I used to always pluck my brows (thin brows were in back then lol) and now they don't grow anymore. So I lightly outline what little brows I do have and darken it with the NYX brow cake powder. 
ELF Essential Flawless Eyeshadow: I'm using the Beautiful Browns quad, and I like it because it's light but gives just enough pigmentation. Perfect for a natural look. 
Cover Girl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara: I've tried a billion mascaras and this is the one I'm currently using. I like this one because it doesn't clump up even when you apply more than one coat. It also lengthens my lashes which is a big plus for me because my natural lashes are really short.
I always bring mascara when I travel but I don't always use it. For me, sometimes eyeliner is enough.

Contact case and solution: Sadly, I do not have 20/20 vision so I have to wear corrective lenses. Sometimes I carry a regular sized solution bottle if I'm out of the travel size.
Eyeglasses: I need these for when I have to take out my contacts before bedtime. Please do not sleep with your contacts lenses on. I know a few people who do, and I just wonder... "Do you not value your eyesight??"
Makeup Brushes: I only brought three makeup brushes with me; two eyeshadow brushes and a blush brush. 
Lint roller: I always need this! We have a full sized lint roller but when I'm on the go, I always find my clothes linty even though I just used the lint roller right before stepping out. I don't know what it is, but I definitely need a travel sized one when I'm not home :)

Deodorant: Everybody wears deodorant, or at least everyone I know. Summer is here, it's hot... you don't want to be sweatin' with stinky armpits. I always use the brand Dove and the current scent I am using is Soothing Chamomile. 
Pacifica Body Butter: My skin is usually dry after showering, and I find this body butter really moisturizing. This is in Tuscan Blood Orange.. smells really good. Also a plus for me because it leaves me smelling yummayyy since I didn't pack any perfume ^_^.
N07 Protect & Perfect Serum & Night Cream: I use these two products because I want to prevent wrinkles from appearing on my face. I use the serum in the morning after cleansing with a facial wash. Before bed, I use the serum and then apply the night cream on top. So far, it's protecting... it's perfecting.. ha ha

Wow, my list still seems like more than I expected it to be. I guess compared to what I usually use while I'm home, it's pretty short. 

What do you pack in your travel bag(s)?


  1. Me too I pack the essential especially on make-up, thus I can bring with me all the skin care and body products I want!
    So bb cream, mascara, neutral eye shadows for the eye make-up and eyebrows, lip balm and a concealer that can be use as primer too. :)

    1. That's a great idea, packing concealer and using it as a primer too :) Thanks
      Xoxo Terri