Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Jayden Yang!

Today is my due date! September 9, 2012...
But he is already here! :) 

Jayden was born about a week and a half early at 38 weeks and 4 days. Today I've just been emotional, I think it's because he was due to be born today... my mind keeps thinking back and I'm reliving the whole pregnancy over again, and just can't believe that he's actually here already. Oh how I love him so much! Last night I just held him and cried :)

Here he is, meet Jayden Txujci Yang :)

How was labor? Oh my!
Here is my full on story, the birth of baby Jayden. (Warning: I'm very detailed so if you don't think you can handle it, you know where to exit)

On Monday August 29, I woke up around 3AM and felt wet 'down there'. I just figured it wasn't anything, changed and went back to sleep. I woke up around 8AM and the same thing happened again. I called the doctor's office and she had me to into Labor & Delivery to check and see if my water broke. My husband and I were there for about two hours. The test came back negative so we came back home. I was having contractions but they were really mild, and sometimes I couldn't even feel them. All day I had to wear a pad because I was still leaking little by little. On Tuesday night while changing and getting ready for bed, the leak started dripping down my legs and so I called the on-call doctor again. She told me to go into L & D again, just to be safe (if you're water breaks, you're more prone to having an infection if you don't deliver within a certain amount of time). 

So Tuesday around 11PM, we checked into Labor & Delivery, and my test came back positive that it was my water. She checked my cervix and I was only dilated 1cm. The nurse said, "You guys won't be leaving here without a baby." That's when it hit me, Oh my gosh, it's really happening! 

We checked into my room where I would stay and deliver. I was given Potocin to augment labor, which is given through an IV to help progress labor. It's the same thing they use to induce labor, but since my water broke on its own, labor already started, it was just real slow so they were trying to speed it up. Baby and I were hooked up to monitors to watch our heart rates all night, it was uncomfortable to sleep. I was already having contractions but they were really mild, the Potocin made them worse. I was on Potocin all night and it was taken out the next day (Wednesday) at 2PM. You know what sucks? It didn't help at all, I was still at 1cm. So I took a bath and walked around the hospital, hoping it would help. 

Around 5PM, I was given Cervidil to soften my cervix (you can google Cervidil of you don't know what it is). I went to bed, and around 2AM I felt a *pop in my tummy, I thought it was my bladder! because I really had to pee at the time but I was too tired to get up, and getting up means I would have to ring the nurse to remove the monitors that was hooked up to me and baby. After the "pop" I rung the nurse. As I moved to get out of bed, a bunch of liquid just gushed out all over the floor and the bed, I couldn't control it! I was a little embarrassed because I thought I had just peed all over. Then I realized that it wasn't pee because after emptying my bladder, it was still leaking uncontrollably. It felt and looked like a gallon of water spilled all over the floor. The nurse said it's probably my "forebag". I'm still unclear about what that is really.. but I think my water broke broke. Before it was just leaking so this is probably when it popped. Anyway, after the "pop", the Cervidil came out too. The nurse checked my cervix and it was now at 3cm so the Cervidil helped a little. I didn't want to get back in bed so I walked around the hospital again. The maternity level goes in a circle so I walked around our floor about 5-6 times, and I was having stronger contractions by this time. Every round we did, I would have at least two contractions. They were tolerable, yet painful enough I had to stop and breath before continuing. When I went back to my room, I was hungry so I ate a little. Then my doctor came in (it felt nice to finally see my doctor) to check up on me. She did a cervical check and I was at 4cm and progressing. Around 5AM, I was given IV fentanyl to help me sleep because my contractions were getting stronger. I felt so woozy and nauseous after, I knocked out. 

In the morning (Thursday), my cervix had no change so I was put on Potocin again. Because my water had ruptured already, they didn't want to do too many cervical checks because it risks infection for me and baby but I swear, it felt like I was getting a ga-zillion of them! I hate cervical checks, they hurt like a mOther..!!
Contractions on my own was already strong and painful, but the Potocin intensified them that I was twisting and turning in pain. I ended up asking for the epidural. I really really didn't plan on it but with everything that I've gone through so far to "progress" labor, I'm so glad I got it because I so needed it LOL. Before i was given the epidural, I had to get a whole bag of saline in my body within 30 minutes through my IV. Something was wrong with my IV that after an hour it was only half way done. The nurse tried to redo my IV and poked me 4x in numerous places on both hand and arms trying to find a vein so she can insert my IV tube. She just ended up bruising me before finally getting it started on the back of my right hand. My wrists were swollen and bruised the next day! After the saline bag finished, I was poked in the back to get the epidural. Was it painful? Not too much, it's just like when they poke you in the arm to draw blood, a little prick and small burn. Then again I think I was a little distracted with my contractions which I felt hurt more then getting pricked in my spinal area. After the epidural kicked in, I knocked out for a few hours after. I never knew this before, but with the epidural, you have to lay on your side and keep flipping to the other side every hour so it stays evenly numb because the epidural is a liquid that just kind of sits in the little area in your back, swishing. It sucked because every time I turn to lay on my right side, baby's heart rate dropped so the nurse told me to lay on my left most the time, that the numbness started to wear off on one side I could feel contractions on my right side.  

The nurse woke me up to insert a monitor to watch baby's heart rate; it was dropping every time I had a contraction. Doing so, she also checked my cervix and it was 9cm almost 10! That definitely woke me up. My husband and the nurse was just as surprised as I was, since it's been such a slow progress. So they were gettingn everything prepared in the room, and the doctor (she wasn't my doctor I saw regularly during pregnancy but she was really nice and was there throughout the rest of my labor/delivery) came in and said I can start pushing. Let me tell you, this is NOTHING like the movies where you do three pushes and baby is out and everyone is happy! I was pushing for 2.5 hours and nothing. Personally I thought I wasn't pushing hard enough because of the epidural, you can't really feel anything.. but the doctor and the nurse said I was doing it perfectly. During my time in labor, I was snappy towards my husband, who I know was just trying to be helpful but some times it was so irritating. Like when he counts for me to push, I was irritated, felt like he was counting too slow or too late. Or when he would touch me or rub me to "sooth" my pain, I pull back like 'don't touch me'. 

The baby was head down but he was faced up, which makes it harder for him to pivot and get passed the pelvic bone. And every time I pushed, he heart rate dropped. The doctor said the umbilical cord might be tied around an arm or leg.. or neck. After 2.5 hours of pushing, trying all sorts of different positions, and throwing up, I was left with no energy. I was then opt for a c-section. We agreed. It was the only other way this baby was coming out. As they prepped to roll me out for surgery, my epidural wore off. The little tube that was taped on my back came loose after all the moving during pushing. I was balling my eyes out by the time I was on the operation table. I'm not sure why exactly, but I think it was somewhere between being afraid and upset at the same time. AFRAID because I have never been hospitalize and/or go through surgery. UPSET because after everything I went through in the last few days, I still end up getting a c-section! :( If I knew it was going to be this way, I would of went straight to surgery than go through IVs of Potocin, Cervidil and a billion painful cervical checks. 

My nurse and doctor calmed me down while the anesthesiologist untaped the tube on my back and numbed me all over again, this time numbing from my stomach down so they can CUT me o.O
My husband sat next to me during surgery. We couldn't see the procedure because it was blocked off with a cloth (not that I want to see). I started shaking nonstop and throwing up. It was about 10 minutes later, I heard baby cry and knew he was out; tears just rolled from my eyes. I was able to see him from afar but I wasn't able to hold him right away. Baby was tangled in the umbilical cord THREE times! The doctor said she hadn't taken a baby out so tangled up in a long time. My husband cut the umbilical cord and held baby next to me. I was so shaky and felt so sick, I had to keep my eyes shut. Being stitched back up felt like FOREVER! 
Born August 30th, 6 Lbs 14.4 Oz and 21 In long

After surgery, I was rolled back to my room with baby in my arms for the first time. 

I still had the shakes and still throwing up. It was horrible. 

I started getting a fever so I was put on 3-4 different kinds of antibiotics for the next two days through an IV in case of an infection. Baby and I were checked every four hours, blood pressure and temperature for the rest of our stay at the hospital. I was also on pain killers because of my incision. 

Baby stayed in the room with us for the next three days we had to stay there. Recovering was painful but I was up and walking in a day. The first time I got up was to check my after-baby weight. Let me tell you, it was painful. Felt like my guts were going to fall out! And the weight machine they brought into my room wasn't working, so i was just standing there in pain! I had to stand there in pain for at least 10 minutes before the nurse pulled a rocking chair for me to sit in as they attempted to fix the machine. Every time the nurse went by me, she'd bump my rocking chair and it hurt my incision! I mean c'mon I just came out of surgery a few hours ago! The whole time I didn't throw a fit, it's not in me I guess lol, and all the nurses i had were really nice, they just mess up sometimes. My husband on the other hand, just kept rolling his eyes and scoffing at their stupidity; loud enough for me to hear, not the nurses. After at least 30 minutes of trying to change the battery a couple times, they finally brought in a new one. Oy. In the morning, I couldn't shower by myself, my husband had to help me. We always joked about those days ahead when we are old and have to bathe or wipe each other's butts, well here that day was.. he had to wash me (haha). He said after all I did, it's the least he can do! Standing up brought on the shakes again.. and it's uncontrollable. It was hard trying to stand and use only your leg and back muscles, not your stomach muscles. 

Breastfeeding was really frustrating for us. Baby can suck, but then he forgets how to too, so he cries after trying too hard. Then you get frustrated with numerous tries also. The nurse said because he's a little early, that's why he forgets how to suck each time. I want him to drink breast milk because it's healthier and has antibodies that help him fight infections, especially that he's a little early I don't want him to get sick. He takes on the bottle really well so now I pump then bottle feed it, as long as he's receiving it somehow :) Then I supplement with formula if he's still hungry.

I think I would of been able to hand labor naturally. It's just this was a complicated one. First, with my water breaking before I was in active labor. Then having to get labor augmentation. Then baby being in a difficult position, and also being tangled in the umbilical cord 3x. Not to mention I was only 38 weeks and 4 days. Should of listened to my husband when he told me over and over not to overwork myself and telling me to STOP BEING SUPERWOMAN! (Because we were moving out during this time, and the first night at our new place, my water broke!) I kind of blame myself.. I think the complication and going into labor early could of been prevented, but being "Superwoman" and all I just didn't listen. Now I know.

Thinking back, I still can't believe I went through this whole experience. It doesn't feel real anymore.. my husband said I'm a brave trooper because what happened to me seemed so painful but I didn't complain (aloud) once! Which I do kind of give myself credit for (not to sound cocky or anything LOL)

Overall, I would do it all over again, for him, baby Jayden <3

Going home from the hospital

I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, and after labor I was so swollen, I couldn't even wrap my fingers around my wrist anymore. It's been a week now, weight and swolleness has subsided. I can fit into my heels again. Came out this morning to my husband, "I'm Baaack!" hahahaha, I have to wait at least six weeks to exercise. Can't wait to feel good again. 

A week later, baby and daddy watching football season opener :)


  1. wow! congrats! he is adorable :)

  2. congrats! what a beautiful baby! Loved reading the blog post and your experience. Well done to the new mummy!

    1. Thanks Mandy :) it was quite an experience.

  3. I cried while reading your labor story. It was scary and beautiful all at the same time. Hehe. Congrats, he is sooooooooo cute!

    1. Aw thanks. It was quite an experience with many mixed emotions. Would do it all over again for baby :)

  4. I'm a little late, but congrats on your new addition to the family. Such a little handsome and will be a heartbreaker one day. LOL.