Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We are having a....

My husband and I went in for an ultrasound exam today. We are having a.....

A BOY! We're Ecstatic!! They examined all the baby anatomy. This was probably the most exciting ob visit so far; the thing that sucked about this exam is having to drink 16oz of water 45 minutes prior to the exam and cannot use the bathroom. Small person, small bladder (I'm assuming) because it fills up quick! And I mean quickly! Even before the pregnancy. During my exam, I had to go to the bathroom twice. She only needed my bladder to be full during the first part of the exam, then she let me empty it before continuing the rest of the exam. Then I had to go again. It was funny because as we were watching the ultrasound screen, my bladder was filling up, taking up more room, pushing the baby into a corner that he started head-butting me! He was upside down and in a curled position, pushing his head against me, we all couldn't stop ourselves from laughing out loud!

The experience was a little overwhelming; we were in "awe" just seeing how big the baby had grown and how he moved. It was quite emotional. All the parts of the baby was clearly shown to us: the head, the tiny little fingers and toes, the spine, all his organs, and his tiny heart beating! It was so cute. And he kept moving around. Every time the sonographer tried to get a picture of any part of his body, he'd block that particular part with his hand. hahaha my funny baby. 
When she was trying to get his profile shot, one of his hands was down between his legs, playing with his little dingaling hahahaha, she said it's common :)

Sonograms hard to read out some times? Definitely!! I'd be lying if I say I wasn't lost during some parts of the exam when she pointed out certain things.
Here's a shot of him eating his feet like a BOSS :)
Overall, we had a great experience yesterday. We could of, we would just sit there all day and watch him :) Our sonographer was really nice and experienced. She's been doing it for 30 years and she some times goes to third world countries to do sonograms too. 


  1. congratulations! names names names!

    xoxo elle

    1. Thanks! We have a few picked out :)

  2. yay a boy :) congratulations, If I ever wanted kids,
    I would want a boy lol but it shouldn't matter :p