Friday, March 23, 2012

Sonoline B Doppler

Yes! I ordered a Fetal Doppler came in today! It's so awesome. I waited for my husband to get home so we can test it out together.
We've heard the baby's heartbeat a couple weeks ago at our last doctor appointment but it is exciting to hear again.
With this doppler, we were able to hear the heartbeat twice. The second time I told Shuavij to grab my phone and record it so I can put up a video but he didn't get it in time. The baby kept moving and it was a little hard to locate again. We'll try again tomorrow :)

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Where I got it: I ordered this from

Product: Sonoline B Ultrasound Fetal Doppler (FDA & CE approved)

Colors: It comes in Pink or Blue. 

Price: $52.95 (original price $299.99) Also, shipping is FREE.

Recommend: Yes! It's really easy to use. I read a whole bunch of reviews before ordering it, ALL positive reviews :) 

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