Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm turning into a bridezilla!!!
So Shuavij and I are doing this whole wedding ourselves. We are planning and paying for everything, and a certain someone who shall stay anonymous is ruining everything. It's exactly 19 days away!!
Another thing, we sent out invitations about a month ago, and about half of the people rsvp'd. 
We sent mail invitations to family members and older folks. Then for everyone else, we created a wedding event on facebook and invited every one of our friends because we all are regulars users. C'mon, it is more convenient for everyone because we use facebook EVERYDAY!
A lot of people say this is the worse part about planning a wedding, or event of any kind, because some people don't rsvp but they show up with 10 people.
Now tell me that is not annoying. If we take the time to send you a frickin' invitation, take the time to respond. I see you on Facebook everyday, always updating your status, commenting on others', attending other events, but you can't respond to ours? And, the airmail invites are self-stamped, C'mon people.
So this week, Shuavij and I are going in to talk to our wedding coordinator and giving her a final head count. Too bad for those who haven't rsvp'd.
Maybe I'm over reacting, but hey, I'm a perfectionist, I like things perfect.. especially on my frickin' wedding day! What girl doesn't?


  1. terri! i am so excited for you guys! altho i havent planned a wedding i understand the frustration of invitations and rsvps and thats the last thing you want to worry about! hang in there!

  2. People need to RSVP so you know how much food to purchase/ how many meals to order. Some people don't understand. Kudos to you for doing this on your own!

  3. PK: I'm AM frustrated! LOL too many things, even little things but some people are sooo annoying. Can't wait until it's over, I hope it turns out well. I worry so much, I had a dream that no one was there, not even shuavij! lol

    Mie: Agree! Thanks for the kind words :)