Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New foundation review

I actually hadn't plan to purchase a new foundation. I had a job interview at 1PM and it was about 12:30, I pulled into the mall, parked at the Macy's parking lot, and as I was walking out of Macy's into the mall section, I was stopped by a saleslady. I didn't want to be rude so listened to her as she talked about Clarins makeup products (which I noticed as I looked around, there was a Clarins event going on) Before I knew it, I was sitting in a chair getting ready to get "tested" on.
She was very sweet. I didn't tell her I had an interview, so without warning me, she removed my makeup! By the time it was finished, I was stunned, I looked better than before lol. The look was natural and had just enough coverage without looking cakey.
I ended up buying the Clarins Skin Illusion Liquid Foundation in Honey 110 for $35 and the Bronzing Powder in Golden Sun for $33. 

Then I got all the below for FREE! (including the gold bag) 
Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Eye Contour Gell (puffiness), Mascara, Beauty Flash Balm (brightens & tightens), and the best one, the FREE Shine Stopper!

I have freckles, but after the application, they're hardly noticeable.
The foundation is light-medium coverage but it's build-able if you want more coverage.

I had 5 minutes to get to my interview by the time i was done with everything. TOTALLY WORTH IT =) Did I get the job after the interview? Not sure yet, will hear back this week.


  1. ohh, makes me want to try it now LOL :)

  2. Whoaa props to you for keeping calm when the make up lady took off your makeup half an hour before your interview!! I would've flipped haha but maybe I'm one big crazy control freak. I usually arrive at my interview wayyyyy ahead of time and had to just go somewhere to use up the time before showing up being a crazy person! LOL

    I agree, your makeup looks amazing on you! Good luck on your interview, Let us know how it went :) I'm sure you did awesome!

  3. clarins really does wonders! glad it worked for you!xox

  4. I've never tried Clarins but it looks lovely on you =]