Monday, March 7, 2011

Chantal or Emily?!!

I just finished tonight's episode of The Bachelor, and boy, I'm really into this show. It's getting intense because he's proposing to one of them next week and I'm dying to know who! Lol.
From the beginning of the show, there was something about Emily Maynard that made a lasting impression on me; I like her. (She is the blonde from North Carolina) And there is Chantal, (the brunette) who I see as tough. For one, she slapped Brad in the first episode after getting out of the limo. By all means, he deserved it. She is also very open. If I recall correctly, she was the first person to say drop the three words "I love you". 
Brad said that both women had the qualities he was looking for. He hit it off early with Chantal and said that she's "game" for anything and he can be himself around her. But Emily, .. she was the first and only girl that Brad said he was falling in love with!
I think both women are great. My heart will break for the one he doesn't propose to. 
Who do you think it will be?


  1. Emily! I want it to be her. She's so sweet and darling.

    By the way, tonight's episode? Michelle was kind of irking me. I think some of her tears were genuine because she missed her daughter during the show and people don't understand her humor, but at the same time she was really playing the sympathy card during tonight's Women Tell All special..

  2. I think Emily, too. I need to catch up - I missed the last one.

  3. i'm super excited, a friend of mine, ashley h, is the new bachelorette!